Customs Consultancy


We have developed a classification SOP and research record which we use when undertaking classification projects for traders. We have undertaken a number of significant classification projects and use a methodology that minimises traders input and time. We also interact directly with customs clearing agents on trader’s behalf and provide tariff codes as necessary. Specifically our services include:

Classification of import and export materials;

Classification Helpdesk;

Maintenance of traders tariff code parts database; and  

Applying for Binding Tariff Information.


Applications for G563A Valuation Declarations; and
Advising on Valuations Methods and compliance with the Union Customs Code including what additional charges may apply.

Special Procedures

Application, modification and renewal of Inward Processing, Outward Processing Warehousing and End-Use;
Completion of Comprehensive Guarantees and Self-Assessment Questionnaire;
Control and compliance requirements including Bills of Discharge; and
SOP’s for Special Procedures.



Rules of qualification for manufactured products for Non-Preferential Origin;
Simplified procedures for issuing Certificates of Origin; and
Applying for Binding Origin Information.

Preferential Origin

Rules of qualification for Preferential Origin;
EUR1 Certificates;
Simplified Procedures for Invoice Declarations; and
No-Drawback Rule and implications for Inward Processing.


We have been involved with many successful AEO applications and offer the following services:

Pre-AEO audit and reporting to identify any weaknesses which may impact the key criteria for obtaining AEO approval;
Preparation of SAD review database required for AEO;
Preparations of SOP’s to support an AEO application;
Preparation and submission of the AEO Questionnaire and application;
Follow up with the customs authorities on your behalf while the approval process is under way; and
Monitoring trader’s compliance with the conditions of AEO to ensure that AEO status is maintained.


Our services include the following:

Advice in respect of compliance with EU and National Legislation in areas such as Mineral Oils, Alcohols, Tobacco and VRT;
Submitting applications for Tax Warehouses and Excise Wholesale Licences;
SOPs for Tax Warehouses;
Classification of Excise products;
Adapting Customs duty saving solutions for products subject to Excise duty;
Maximising the benefits and savings for traders in excisable products;
Pre-audits and Revenue audit support;
Dealing with Excise Appeals;
Advice in cross border and international excise issues;
Developing management tools and systems to ensure excise compliance; and
Excise duty reviews.