Compliance Outsourcing

In recent years, we have seen an increased focus by Customs Authorities across the EU on customs compliance. We have developed a range of outsource services to assist traders with their compliance obligations where there limited in-house expertise.

SAD error coding system. This system allows TJMB to analyse traders import and export SAD's and provide a metric for measurement of SAD accuracy. Traders or their customs clearing agents provide TJMB with monthly SAD's which we review. We also use the system as an audit trail for SAD corrections and preparation for AEO application.

Bill of Discharge (“BOD”) completion and SAD reconciliation for Special Procedures. Customs Authorities generally require a full reconciliation of import entries to material receipts when completing a BOD for Inward Processing for example. We offer the following:

  • Import and export SAD review and correction;
  • Reconciling quantities and values on import SAD's with company and Revenue records;
  • Taking corrective actions and maintaining a SAD audit log; and
  • Monitoring import quantities and values against those on the authorisation.

Customs Help Desk. We offer online and telephone support for traders and deal directly with customs clearing agents and Customs Authorities on traders behalf.

Maintaining materials classification matrix. In conjunction with our Customs Help Desk facility, we can maintain and update a traders tariff matrix monthly with any new material classified within that month; and

Animal By-Products Licencing. Applying for VET14 and VET15 licences and plant approval applications.