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TJMB Consulting is a Customs and Excise Consulting practice established in 2015 by Tom Brennan to provide customs, excise, and trade advice to businesses in Ireland, the EU, and third countries. Tom has over 25 years experience in international trade and has worked in industry and professional practice. 

TJMB is supported by a team of experts with customs, industry, legal and large practice experience. Our staff have received certificates in Customs Clearance Procedures, and Customs Compliance and Trade Facilitation. We are part of a network of trade professionals in Ireland, the EU Member States, USA, India and China.

As an independent practice, there is no restriction or limitation on the services Tjmb can provide such as those resulting from US Sarbanes Oxley and similar regulations in other territories.

We have seen an increasing focus by Customs Authorities on compliance and the accuracy of declaration and on-time returns. Our outsourcing services are designed to assist traders to meet their compliance responsibilities.

Brokerage services are also offered under TJMB Brokerage 365 LTD. Visit our Brokerage site for more information.  

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